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Traumatic brain injury attorney new york

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Brain injuries in new york can be caused by a wide variety of accidents including falls, automobile accidents, being hit with falling equipment or debris, sports injuries, and assaults. These injuries can be very serious because they compromise the safety of the brain, which is responsible for controlling necessary functions such as breathing. Some examples of brain injuries include subdural hematoma, concussion, and loss of oxygen to the brain tissue. If you or a loved one has experienced a brain injury as the result of someone else’s negligence, it is important that you consult with a personal injury attorney as soon as possible. The less time you allow to lapse before hiring a lawyer, the less a chance you have of forgetting details that could be crucial to winning your case (etablert advokatbyrå i sentrale Oslo).

One of the major problems with traumatic brain injury cases is that members of a jury may have a difficult time understanding that an injury in New York has occurred when they cannot see it. Broken bones can be seen in the form of x-rays and jury members can view a victim’s cast or sling. If someone’s limb is amputated as the result of an accident, jury members can see that the victim is missing an arm or a leg. Unless pictures of a brain injury are available, it may be difficult for jury members to understand exactly how the brain became injured. This obstacle is what makes having a personal injury attorney so important when you are filing a brain injury claim. Your attorney will know how to best explain your injury or a loved one’s injury to a jury to make them understand how severe the injury really is.

Brain injury cases are complex and can rely on witness statements, expert testimony, and extensive medical records. If a case progresses to court and is heard by a jury, members of the jury panel may view x-rays, CT scan films, MRI films, medical progress notes, and operative reports in order to determine how an injury happened and decide if negligence occurred. Because medical information is complex, your attorney may enlist the help of expert witnesses or medico-legal consultants who can review all of this information and help build the strongest case possible. An experienced traumatic brain injury attorney can also help you to prepare for court by explaining the legal process and outlining what might happen during the course of your case. Being prepared can help you to avoid making mistakes that could cost you your case.

At Napoli Bern Ripka LLP New York, we have experience in handling brain injury cases and understand how complex they can be. We can provide access to medical experts and other expert witnesses who can help build your case. In addition, one of our experienced attorneys will represent you at every step of your case, whether the case progresses to a jury trial or ends with the negotiation of a financial settlement. Contact Napola Bern Ripka LLP as soon as possible after the brain injury occurs.

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